Porta Cabin

Mobile Office, Portable Cabin
PORTA CABIN/CONTAINER CABIN/PORTA FARMHOUSE/SITE OFFICE are structures that are mobile i.e, can be transported from one place to another as per need. They are highly Customizable in terms of Size, Interior & Exterior.

Specifications :

GI Sheet, MS Pipe Stiffeners, MDF Sheet, PVC Carpet, Bison Panel, Rockwool Insulation/PUF Panel, Two coats of Epoxy Primer & two coats of Paint.

Basic inclusions :

Ceiling Fan, LED Tubelight, Aluminium powder coated window with safety grill, MCB, Main board, Switch Socket, Provision for split AC.

Add-ons/Alternatives :

Working Table/L-shaped table, File Cabinet, Pantry, Aluminium Composite Panel, Wooden Planks, LED Panel light, False flooring, Rapicon walls, Toilet/Bathroom.

Apart from the above mentioned inclusions and alternatives, there are numerous other customizable options available. As per customer’s requirement, we provide them with the AUTOCAD drawings including various design options. Our customer thereby has the flexibility to choose from different options available to them.

Advantages over conventional structures:

  1. Mobile in nature.
  2. Significant reduction in construction Time.
  3. Aesthetically appealing designs at lower cost.
  4. Higher strength to weight ratio.
  5. Compact Size.
  6. Ease of Rework.
  7. Low Maintainence.
  8. Significant savings in terms of energy consumption.

Applications of porta Cabin:

  1. Labour Colony.
  2. Commercial Office.
  3. Project site office.
  4. Laboratory Purpose.
  5. Temporary Residence.
  6. Storage unit.
  7. Changing rooms (By event planners).
  8. Mini restaurants/Cafes.
  9.  Farmhouse.
  10. Classroom Teaching.

Apart from the above mentioned applications, there are ‘N’ number of categories where Porta cabin can be used effectively depending upon the customer’s requirements. We, at gayatri group, are therefore here for constantly helping you out and providing the best possible solution.

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